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Shiblu Ahmad schools hub founder

Mr. Ahmad, with his extensive 20+ years of IT experience and involvement in over 50 projects, exemplifies a profound commitment to education and technology. His journey started with a strong belief in the potential of non-technical individuals to transition into technical roles through appropriate training. Addressing a critical gap in the market, he envisioned a streamlined platform to automate school processes and engage students more effectively. This vision led to the creation of the SchoolsHub.

- Shiblu Ahmad

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The SchoolsHub began as a unique Bootcamp platform, offering extensive features tailored for effective learning. Ahmad's approach and the platform's unique methodology have been remarkably successful, placing hundreds of individuals in high-paying industry roles, many of whom previously had minimal income or no job at all.

The platform is distinguished by its student and outcome-centric features, heavily leveraging AI to enhance the educational experience. SchoolsHub operates as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, enabling schools to manage various administrative tasks and student engagement from a single, centralized interface. This system not only streamlines school management but also significantly improves the learning process, allowing schools and students to fully leverage the advancements in AI technology.

Overall, Mr. Ahmad's journey with the SchoolsHub reflects a blend of innovation, dedication to education, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology in the educational sector.

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